Kritsotopoula Memorial



Kritsa villagers are understandably proud of all the local rebels who fought against Ottoman oppression throughout the occupation. However, the two-day battle in 1823 where a young village lass called Rodanthe fought disguised as a young man still fascinates people the most.

When the local cultural association commissioned a memorial to stand at Lato, 3k outside of the village at the battle site, some may have been surprised when they turned to Nigel Ratcliffe, an Englishman. However, there can be no doubt that they made a fantastic choice in their adopted villager. The poignant relief, carved in local stone depicts, the wounded Rodanthe in the arms of a comrade. How shocked they must have been to discover that ‘He’ was in fact ‘She’!

Sculptor Nigel Ratcliffe and his masterpiece
Sculptor Nigel Ratcliffe and his masterpiece

The villagers hold a commemorative service in front of the memorial every May that manages to combine respectful commemoration and colourful celebration. Of course, Nigel is always an important guest.

Memorial day

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