Book One – Kritsotopoula

9781781322659-PerfectCoverFINAL.inddThis lively historical adventure, based on the real life of Rodanthe, a young woman from the village of Kritsa in Crete, depicts her rebellion against Ottoman oppression.

Throughout her childhood escapades, Rodanthe, the feisty daughter of the pappas (priest), yearned for her father’s approval without appreciating how hard he worked to keep her, and the rest of his Christian flock from harm.

Years later, the ruling Pasha ordered Rodanthe’s kidnap intent on making her his wife.  Determined not to yield, Rodanthe tricked the Pasha before fleeing to the mountains dressed in his clothing, taking with her secrets to inflame the rebels. After gaining acceptance by a fierce rebel leader she lived and fought as a remarkable young man nicknamed Spanomanolis, meaning Beardless Manolis.

DSCN4245Now honoured as Kritsotopoula, meaning Girl of Kritsa, villagers celebrate Rodanthe, and her comrades, annually in front of a poignant stone carving.  This monument portrays the moment in 1823 when brave Rodanthe’s secret was exposed, a point mirrored in this novel as it culminates with my own twist.

To buy the paperback or ebook from your ‘local’ Amazon CLICK HERE.

Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa is also available as a paperback in Crete. I’m delighted that Eklektos Bookshop in Elounda has my novel on sale. The shop owner, Lynne will even make you a cuppa while you browse!

2015-05-28 19.21.52The book is also available in Kritsa’s upper high street, named Kritsotopoula Street. This photo shows me with Nikos outside his gift shop, opposite Arisitidis Cafe.

Beryl Darby,  author of Yannis, set on the leper island of Spinalonga kindly gave this review  of Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa:  ‘Yvonne’s vivid descriptions of village life and the battles, along with her sensitive portrayal of the innermost thoughts of her central character are both moving and believable.’

More importantly, what did you think of the book? I’d love you to leave a comment below, and/ or on Amazon. X



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