Argyro Cooking Lesson

To visit the website of Kritsa’s distinctive hotel, just click on the photo below:

Argyro Rent Rooms

Argyro’s pristine gardens provide a shady arbour, open to non residents, so you’re welcome any time to enjoy breakfast, coffee, lunch, snacks and drinks.

To add extra flavour to your visit to Kritsa try a cooking lesson!

After a very warm welcome, probably with a tot of the local firewater called raki, Argyro will personally guide you through your hands-on lesson. You will be using Argyro’s home grown/home reared ingredients to enjoy a traditional meal with extra relish!


Just imagine the zest of a freshly picked lemon, the tang of mint as you break the leaves you need from the still growing plant, and the umistakable smell of vine ripened tomatoes as you slice them through. No, I’ve not done with those evocative aromas yet… There’s the heady scent of home dried mountain oregano (rigani) as you crumble it over the salad that you’ve just liberally doused with the finest, locally produced olive oil, Mmmm!

Of course, the actual content on your lesson menu will depend on your preferences and seasonal availability of ingredients.


A typical lunch may include these tasty dishes:

A variety of local appetisers, bread, dips, olives, stuffed vine leaves, and a special rusk called dacos

Courgette omelette  (probably a 13 egg one!)

Fava, made from a type of split pea

Chicken and vegetable casserole (so tender it melts in your mouth!)

DSC06072Argyro has a very special reason for adding red pepper (capsicum) to her chicken casserole, it’s to… No, I can’t tell you, you’ll need to find out during your lesson!

For details of planned lessons, availability and prices, or to arrange a bespoke lesson for your own group, please contact Argyro by email via

Or, if you use Facebook you can send a private message in English via family member, Gianna by clicking here.

All that’s left to do now is wish you καλη ορεξη, (kali orexi) good appetite!

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