Greek Independence Day – 25th March

Today, 25th March, is Greek Independence day with celebrations in most villages, towns and cities. In Kritsa there will be a church service followed by a parade of school children and members of the local cultural association wearing traditional costume. 

These photos of proud Kritsa children are from three years ago.


In larger towns, the parades also have service personnel and groups such as the red cross, scouts and guides and perhaps a local band. In Kritsa, the stirring music comes via a tannoy system. 

It would be easy to think the day commemorates when Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire, but in fact, it is remembering the day the rebel flag was first raised in 1821.

Photo of a painting in Messolonghi museum


It took nine years of war and dreadful bloodshed before Greece finally became an independent state under the London Protocol of February 1830. Not so for Crete as their struggle continued until eventual expulsion of Ottoman forces in November 1898.


This graphic painting is symbolic of the bravery of people who took their own lives rather than submit to tyranny and brutality of the occupying forces. 

We are fortunate that today we can enjoy the Greek celebrations for independence. 

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