Tourloti, Crete – Worth a stroll

I don’t know anyone who has visited the timeless mountain village of Tourloti, 42 km from Agios Nikolaos just off the main road to Sitia. We paused to stretch our legs there during a drive to Sitia and will certainly return. DSCN0592We pulled over to the extensive parking area on the left as I’d spotted a water fountain to top up our bottles. Then, looking across the valley towards the village motivated our stroll.

Right from the start, it was obvious the people of Tourloti are proud of their village. It is neat, well maintained, free from rubbish and graffiti. We had already said it was like a step back in time when a look inside the local open all hours type of stores confirmed our thoughts.

There was a bakery and several tavernas making us regret we’d already had a drink and a snack by the car. We paused to enjoy a view back towards the mountain and saw piles of grapes drying on rooftops – probably destined as dried fruit for winter. This made me think of an infinity swimming pool for grapes!


As we reached the end of the village, the road swept down towards the sea. Not fancying a long uphill trek, we decided to investigate another time. Instead, we made good use of these inviting and appropriately sited chairs, giving us a view right down to Mochlos and distant Elounda. Perhaps I could have used Photoshop to remove the cable from my photo, but it is more authentic to leave it there.

On our way back we realised how gourds grow- it is a wonder their slender vine can bear the weight.


Tourloti is not a place we’d make a special trip to, but it is certainly worth a stop if you are passing by. We look forward to a return visit when we shall try a local taverna for our refreshments.

3 thoughts on “Tourloti, Crete – Worth a stroll”

  1. So many wonderful finds to come across. We usually come to Crete every year for two months and have decided Autumn is definitely the best time to visit. Unfortunately this year it isn’t advisable to risk coming. All the best to you and your blog

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    1. Hi Gillian. Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting. I agree with you, autumn is the best but May is delightful too. So many people have missed out on their trips to Crete, fingers crossed, all is well for next year. X


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