Kritsa Alps – Katharo in the snow

‘Watch out’ says kind hubby. ‘The snow here has turned to ice.’

Even before he finished saying it, I’d gone down. Of course, I put my hand out to save myself… ouch! Two weeks later I’ve still got swelling and bruising from a sprained wrist.  Luckily, I can type with my other hand.

We knew there was snow on Katharo as we’d seen photos from other people. As soon as we had a blue sky day, we drove the 16 km up from Kritsa to Katharo. After about 10 km  farmers had worked hard to clear the road.


The car thermometer read 12c as we left Kritsa but it had dropped to 7c by the time we reached Katharo. Never mind, we had wrapped up well. Faced with snow bound tracks we left the car and set off for a walk.


Sun was melting snow to cause rivers that blocked the path causing us to double back and take different paths. It didn’t matter as we were not intending a hike anyway, we just wanted to enjoy being in the crisp sunny paradise.

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We enjoyed a flask of soup in a sheltered spot outside Panagia Koprakiani, a church with an old WW2 bomb case used as a bell. By now my wrist was very painful, so I packed snow around it to reduce the swelling.

In April 2018 I took a photo of daisies around vines because they looked like snow. Now it amused me to take vines surrounded by snow to compared side by side.

Since that jaunt we couldn’t get out and about as Alan succumbed to Cretan man flu! After being laid low for two weeks he is feeling better but now the rain has set in. This probably means there’s fresh snow in the mountains so we look forward to the next blue sky day and we’ll go exploring in another area, probably the Lassithi Plateau.