Minoan Heights – Kastro

dscn7000The first February weekend in Crete saw the weather turn from snowy wet winter to spring. For us this meant one thing, head to the mountains. Our friend and walking guide, Phil is very keen on Minoan history and he chose a fabulous hike ending at the ancient site of Kastro. This was an especially interesting route for us as we can see these mountains from our balcony in Kritsa.

We started from the village of Kavousi where there are notice boards to direct you to an ancient olive tree and three different Minoan sites.

This little church dedicated to Agia Paraskevi, Saint Friday, made an interesting stop. The notice board explained it was once a monastery for nuns. Our path continued behind the where there were outbuildings, possible the monastery accommodation.

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dscn7052At the top of the path we crossed a ‘saddle’ to look down the other side of the mountain where we saw many other tempting paths. This time we headed left to Kastro. Unlike many Minoan sites we’ve visited this one has good signage to explain the remains and provide insight to the lifestyle.


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In the hazy distance you can just see our scorpion shaped village, Kritsa. Most of the white covering the mountains is cloud but you can just see a smudge of snow top right.


If you have a smartphone you can download Wikiloc, free of charge and use the route I uploaded to do the same walk.

https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/spatialArtifacts.do?event=view&id=32732274&measures=on&title=on&near=on&images=on&maptype=HPowered by Wikiloc

18 thoughts on “Minoan Heights – Kastro”

    1. Hi Jan. It was only 8k but my knees thought it longer! We’re so lucky to have all this variety close by. Almost time for a UK stint and next time we are here there should be a huge variety of flowers. x#Hope all is OK with you. x


  1. That may be the site I also found when I was in Crete. A signpost at the edge of the village directing me up a steep slope via a goat track to the very top of the hill. A spectacular view.


    1. I have only been to Knossos once and I really should go again. I am lucky to live in an area where Minoan sites are easily accessible. There is a new excavation at Pachia Ammos near Gounia but it was waterlogged when we tried to visit last week. x

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