Special Offer

9781781322659-PerfectCoverFINAL.inddThose nice people at Amazon have put the Kindle version of Kritsotopoula on offer for a limited time period.

If you have been wondering whether or not to buy, then now is an excellent time. To get to the Amazon page Click Here. NOTE – I don’t know how long the ebook offer will last.

The follow up book is written and edited, I am now thinking about the best route to publication…update to follow.

Many people love historical novels set in holiday locations and this novel, based on a true story, fits the bill with lots of local colour, history and traditions.

This story is so important to my home village of Kritsa there are several sculptures and an annual memorial.

The Kritsotopoula Museum has reopened and I look forward to visiting in September to find out more – Meanwhile, to find the museum’s Facebook page Click Here.


2 thoughts on “Special Offer”

  1. Hi Wayne, I know I have been slow…nearly as long as the Greek Rebellion itself!!! All sorts of reasons including some interesting information that I discovered late on. However, Rodanthe’s Gift is finished, edited and is currently with a very special first reader… more on that IF it get’s their thumbs up. Now all I have to do is make a final choice over how to publish. Writing the story is the easy bit, ha ha. x


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