Experiencing Life On Mars

viewAfter an overnight flight to Crete we landed with an almighty bump as the pilot of our plane battled against gale force winds. On reaching home, an hour later, this is the view we hoped to see from our balcony. Instead it was overcast, warmer than expected and the wind had dropped. After a cuppa we went for a sleep before tackling ‘set up the house’ jobs.

29496678_10156366475368324_4775952282523009024_nOn waking, we were blanketed in a warm orange cloud laden with sand from the Sahara. We have experienced this phenomenon before, but never this bad.

Later in the afternoon the sun seemed to get through the gloom and the sky took on a bright orange colour.

The two photos below are courtesy of Linda Lucioni and Paul Abernethy.

Facebook was soon full of photos from all over Crete with comments that the annual dust storm hadn’t been this bad for five years. The next morning everything had a dusty orange coat…good job we hadn’t had time to clean up.

I’ll end with a photo courtesy of Samantha Anderson that proves the sand cloud was not a natural phenomenon after-all, but a cunning plan by Martians to cloak their arrival!





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