Over the hills to Mirtos

Sat in a near dark lounge at only 3.00 p.m. on a November afternoon I’ve enjoyed looking back over bright and sunny photos taken in Crete during August. If like me, you’re in need of sunshine and warmth I hope you enjoy this series of posts looking back on warmer days… when I think I may have complained I was too hot!

Once or twice a year we enjoy a trip to the south coast village of Mirtos or Myrtos depending on which map you’re using. However you spell it, there are many fine tavernas along a beach side promenade. If you enjoy relaxing on sunbeds, it is worth knowing they are free to customers buying refreshments from the tavernas.

From Kritsa, we could go down to Agios Nikolaos, take the new road to the right, and head for Ierapetra and then drive west along the coast. Our preference is to go up and over the hills for dramatic scenery changes.

After leaving Kritsa we drove uphill, through the next village of Kroustas, to Pines where pine clad hills deliver dramatic sea views over Istron to the left. Next we headed for the lovely village of Anatolh (I’ll blog about the village sooner or later) before heading downhill alongside the Sarakina Gorge to the south coast road where a west turn leads to Mirtos.

This scenic drive is on tarmac or concrete roads all the way and apart from one ‘hairy bend’ between Kroustas and Pines is a pleasant drive remarkable for its lack of traffic.

Coffee time photos:


One of our favourite spots to stop for a flask of iced coffee gives incredible views to the sea in the south, and the bare tops of Lassithi mountains. Snow often remains on these peaks beyond April/May. Heat caused the haziness of these photos -note to self… return for crisp clean shots in the winter.

Arriving in Mirtos for the first time can be daunting due to narrow streets and thronging cars. The proper car park is at the end of the village after snaking your way through. However, just after you turn left for the village, the road has several large rubbish bins, and often nose to tail cars. Look for a scrubby car park on the left and then you will enjoy an easy exit from the town. Walk through the car park, and pass a small house where the owner has made delightful, fun mosaics.

Next you walk through the grounds of a small holiday complex to turn right along the promenade to weigh up the benefits of the different tavernas before you choose ‘your’ spot. Our habit is to walk to the far end, make up our mind and then return.

Isn’t funny, despite the wide choice of spots to lie this puss wanted to get closer than I deemed polite!

Mirtos offers walking, archaeology, boat trips, cooking lessons, and lovely accommodation. To find out more about Mirtos CLICK HERE.

Just seeing the blue sky images and imagining the crunch of shingle before splashing in the water has brightened my afternoon, and I hope you enjoyed your Mirtos ‘dip’.















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