Post Holiday Blues?

That sad feeling you get at the end of a holiday didn’t hit us at the end of our wonderful week in mainland Greece.

We’d started out at Magical Meteora  and saw a Bear Trail in the Pindus Mountains.

We were overcome by the sacrifices of Missolonghi Heroes  and wowed by the generosity of Dimitris, the curator of the museum who added so much value to my book research.

Throughout our journey we found Greek Gems and our wonderful week culminated with a visit to Delphi, I’m sure I heard the Oracle whisper ‘You’ll be back’.

Driving on the Minoan Lines ferry from Piraeus to Heraklion was the start of something not the end. That’s why we had no post holiday blues …we were privileged to return to our home in Crete for a few weeks.

After an overnight trip we arrived back in Heraklion, Crete.

This was the view that greeted us from the balcony of our house in the back streets of Kritsa.  OK, it’s not always like that – some times those pesky clouds go away!!!!

Of course, all good things do come to an end and we headed off to the UK.




This photo, taken a few days after our return, is from The Ridgeway in Wiltshire.

We have to make compromises, but for the time being at least we continue to think we’re living a dream come true.

What is your retirement dream ?






6 thoughts on “Post Holiday Blues?”

  1. Hello PeKo. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. We enjoyed driving to Crete for 10 years so I know what you mean about the fabulous scenery between Patras and Piräus. It was so lovely to see it from the other side this time.

    The quote you ended with is certainly a motto for me.
    Fingers crossed your plans work out. Meanwhile, enjoy holidays back in Agios Nikolaos. X


  2. Hello Yvonne,

    we know the feeling very well by leaving Crete to direction Germany.
    Sometimes Germany welcomes us with best summer weather like it did this end of June and it is not so hard having left the island.
    But most of the time it´s hard to leave.

    Meanwhile we visited Crete twentynine times and only the last eight holidays we visited it by plane.
    All the years before we travelled by car through the Swiss and Italy and we loved the journey – especially the trip between the harbours Patras and Piräus . Also our way back through the Greek country was much more comfortable for our souls than the sudden death by entering the airplane.

    My wife and me are counting the years – perhaps another six or seven until we will retire and hopefully in good health condition.

    But we also know, that our retirement benefits will not be enough to keep a flat in Germany and one in Greece – and we know:
    Without Crete we cannot live !

    So we started to think about completely moving to Crete in a few years.
    Usually we would like to stay a few months here and a few months there – it is like living two different lifes as we did it in the Ninetees.

    But we also know that we should be very thankful for the opportunity that we could have stayed so many days and nights (much more than elevenhundred) in our home in Agios Nikolaos that we have to be modest in the future for so much luck we had in our past life.

    Things will happen like they happen – let´s see …

    I will end with my most beloved adage
    form the Romanian poet Eminescu:

    “Because life is a lost gift
    If one has not lived
    As one would have wanted to live”

    Best regards


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