Kritsotopoula Memorial Weekend

8-DSC06001Here in Kritsa I’m looking forward to a busy weekend of memorial events remembering the local heroes who rebelled against Turk rule.

This photo shows the carving called Kritsotopoula, by local British sculptor Nigel Ratcliffe . This is where the religious memorial service and wreath laying will be on Sunday 14th May. If you are in Crete and want to join us let me know via the contact form below.

The carving shows the dreadfully wounded local lass who fought disguised as a male. Her name was Rodanthe,  although her comrades called her Spanomanolis – Beardless Manolis.

9781781322659-PerfectCoverFINAL.inddRodanthe’s story is the basis of my novel, Kritsotopoula Girl of Kritsa. For a limited time Amazon have reduced the price of the paperback. I didn’t arrange it, so I don’t know how long it will last.  Click on the photo of the book cover to whiz over to Amazon, then settle down to catch up with events in 1823.









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