Crete Easter blossoms and blasts, without BOOMS!

We’ve enjoyed a fabulous Easter in Crete, let me share some of our highlights.

On Good Friday, known as Black Friday in Greece, we visited the three main churches in Kritsa to admire the flower-decked Epitaphs representing the bier of Christ.

As the evening services drew to a close the congregations followed their Epitaph in a procession through the village until they all met up in the main street. The floral scents mixed with frankincense made a heady combination.


Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but my husband has just turned 70. He was adamant he didn’t want a present or any fuss. Instead of getting him a gift I booked us a room overlooking the lake in nearby Agios Nikolaos on Easter Saturday.



Three friends joined us to share the experience, and after a picnic supper, with pizza and posh wine, we moved to the balcony to watch the swelling crowd.

This gave us a fabulous view of the evening church procession, midnight candles, burning of Judas, and plenty of fireworks.

The clip below shows midnight , welcoming the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. At the start focus on Judas in the middle of the lake and keep looking….

Back in Kritsa on Sunday evening we expected to see and hear the unique celebrations of dynamite thrown from the cliffs above the village. Certainly it’s an activity that divides opinion, reckless and unnecessary or brilliant tradition. (I’m in the second set)

Here is a dynamite clip I took back in 2008

Of course, it’s an illegal practice and last year arrested men received  substantial fines. Although Kritsa folk resented this action they reluctantly decided to hold a peaceful protest this year. They hope to find a way to resume the tradition within the law.


If you’d like more background on Greek Easter customs you can click on this link Olive Feta and Ouzo.

Whatever you did, I hope you had a good Easter.


5 thoughts on “Crete Easter blossoms and blasts, without BOOMS!”

  1. Great piece, Yvonne! Love the protest about abandoning the dynamite custom ! Only in Greece, I suspect !
    In Kos main square, they used to have a set-piece, ‘bring your own explosive’ event on Easter Sunday morning. One year a massive ‘firework’ (probably containing something stronger than gunpowder !) blew a hole in the pavement…. Crazy stuff ! Happy Easter though x

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