Heraklion Walls and Fort

Although I’d not recommend a tour of Heraklion on a hot summer day, it is worth a visit at other times of the year. In warmer weather it is great to be in the city of an evening when it has a fabulous buzz.
There are many shops, cafes, museums, to suit all preferences and interests. I love the historical museum, but the most visited is the renovated archaeological museum. If you’d enjoy animatronic dinosaurs and an earthquake simulator try the natural history museum.
For our recent visit to Heraklion we treated ourselves to an overnight stay. Day one was to walk the Venetian city walls and enjoy a city evening before exploring the harbour fortress the next morning.
To reach the walls, walk along the seafront, heading west. Beyond the historical museum you will see Saint Andrews bastion (behind the car tax office) where you can take a path up. When the walls eventually peter out, walk downhill through a cluster of houses and you’ll soon be in Freedom Square with its multitude of cafes to choose from.
Alternatively, take a virtual stroll via my Youtube clip below. If you’ve only visited Crete in the summer you’ll be amazed by the flowers. Oh, and the rather large waffle eaten in Freedom Square was my husband’s birthday treat. Delicious as it was, he’s made me promise not to let him have another!
While walking the walls you can visit the tomb of author, Nikos Kazantzakis (Zorba the Greek among others). I thought the small bird sat atop it was part of the monument at first, then it flew off to prove me wrong. The words on the headstone are
I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.
I am reliably informed the bird on the gravestone is a Northern Wheatear and the other bird in the Youtube clip is a Sardinian Warbler.
We certainly picked the right day to walk the walls as the next morning was overcast; no problem as we intended to go inside the fortress.
If you’ve a favourite place in Heraklion let me know and I’ll add it to my ‘to do’ list.

13 thoughts on “Heraklion Walls and Fort”

  1. I visited Heraklion some years ago and went the Venetician fort and walls. Quite spectacular, but the main reason I went was to see the ruins at Knossos and the museum with the artefacts.
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane 😀

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  2. I’ll post the clip on Facebook, perhaps you can view it there. Bird identification verified by members of the Facebook group, Crete Birding.
    The waffling was a bit too sweet, but he persisted manfully. X


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