A winter month in Crete


Endless days of sunshine and lounging on the beach is of course a key part of our love for Crete. For us, that is only part of the attraction. Now we split our time between the UK and Crete, I’m privileged to enjoy a wider range of activities. We especially appreciate it ‘out of season’ when beaches and roads are empty. Crete is having one of its coldest winters on record. Even the fourteen legendary halcyon days of warm January weather failed to materialise. Despite this, we enjoyed our twenty nine days, and look forward to a return next winter.

The downsides:

Keeping warm in old stones houses can be a problem. We kept toasty warm with a log burner, but of course that required a good log supply. 
Home ownership in any country means continual upkeep and unexpected expenses. With this in mind we keep a contingency fund in both countries. Thank goodness as once again we had major plumbing problems.

The benefits:

Driving on near empty roads and seeing snow-covered mountains were a joy. As were the few occasions when we relaxed outside cafes enjoying the sun, to the bewilderment of well wrapped locals.

Activity record:

I posted one photo per day to Facebook  for friends who also love Crete, and had lovely feedback as a result. The clip below is a compilation of the daily photos to give an insight to the range of activities we experienced. Most of the photos were quick snaps on my phone, but I hope you can tell which were taken with my proper camera.

Now we’re planning a return in warmer weather…

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