Prina Village

Twenty five minutes drive from my Kritsa home is the ‘buzzing’ village of Prina, where bee keeping is a key activity. At the end of each summer villagers hold a festival to celebrate the new honey production
We often drive through Prina on our way to the south coast, but until today had not explored the village.
First stop was the hill top church.
Looking down to Prina basking in sunshine was lovely.
To the north the sky was grim!
We decided not to loiter but descend for a stroll around Prina before the weather closed in.
 Take a close look at the photo below. The stone to the left of the plant pot excited me, perhaps it’s a Turk’s gravestone.
It’s taken us years to finally take a look around Prina, and now we’re are already planning to return. However, we’ll leave it until it’s warm enough to enjoy a drink outside of the taverna.

4 thoughts on “Prina Village”

  1. Hi I’m really happy to have found your blog today! I’m a Londoner (English teacher and food blogger) living in Italy. My Italian hubby and I are in love with Crete and dream about buying a house there one day! I’ve also just ordered your book and am looking forward to reading it as well as other posts on here! Happy Valentines day from Verona!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jacqui, and welcome.
      Let’s have some mutual love….we used to drive to Crete and dally in Italy. One of our most memorable stays was in Verona where we saw Aida performed in the amphitheater, stunning!
      If you have any specific questions on visiting Crete or buying a house just let me know – if I don’t know the answer I bet I know someone who will.
      Meanwhile, thanks for buying Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, fingers crossed you’ll enjoy it. x


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