Cat Tales: An Anthology of Short Stories

cat-tales-851-pixHooray, it’s publication day for Cat Tales: An anthology of short stories, with my tale included. It all started when author and blogger, Curtis Bausse launched the Book a Break, short story competition attracting seventy-five entrants each writing a 2000 word story based on this prompt:
A long time ago, when life was tolerable, almost good, he had two cats that kept him company. How old was he? Seven? Eight? Before his father began to question the worth of his existence. Back then, presumably, he was cute, almost as cute as the tabbies. He never knew what happened to them but they disappeared, both of them, all of a sudden, and he was left only with an inconsolable sadness.
Although I didn’t win, that honour went to Ingrid Jendrzejewski, I’m  proud to be included in the anthology, and of course, my story is set in Crete.
In a master stroke, Curtis invited a cat called Smith to write the preface, here’s an excerpt:
‘In keeping with the prompt, some of the stories here are quite dark. But that’s fine by me. Life isn’t always a bowl of cream. I’m not the cutest of cats myself and neither do I aspire to be. When I’m not reading, I like nothing more than to terrorise Taunton. So here you’ll read about unpleasant fathers and cats that disappear. But you’ll also come across powerful cats, mysterious cats and helpful cats. Too many cats, in fact, to cite them all here in this preface. All in all, the collection here does what a good anthology should – you may be appawled at times, but also, I hope, amewsed.

Happy reading!’

Smith, Terror of Taunton.

The proceeds from this book go to two charities, the Against Malaria Foundation, and Cats Protection. If you’re intrigued and would like to read more Click Here to whisk over to Amazon, or here to reach the Facebook page.

Next year’s Book a Break, short story competition is now open, on a very different theme. If you’d like details on how to participate, and perhaps win a holiday in France, click here.
I’ll post more about my specific story in the New Year, I can’t do it now as I’ve a good book to read… Cat Tales of course.


8 thoughts on “Cat Tales: An Anthology of Short Stories”

    1. Book ordered and delivered so I am looking forward to curling up with it (just had gall bladder surgery so great reading is my recovery strategy – Kritsotopolou too)

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