I’m pleased to reblogged this happy post about the fabulous town of Agios Nikolaos. I think this is a blogger I’ll enjoy getting to know. X


After almost two weeks at home I finally found time to do a Greek week. Basically this week I will be telling you all about the place we stayed at for a month and what you can do in the town as well as which other places that are nearby to visit.

Today I will represent you Agios Nikolaos. This lovely town is quite big and touristy, but still has a very original Greek feeling to it. It has all sorts of monuments and attractions you can visit. The town has four main attractions and neighborhoods that have its own character.

First is the marina. It’s very big and mostly serves as a strolling place for locals. Mainly they head out late at evening, but it’s not rare to see someone running along the berths at 7 am. The place has showers, toilets, wi-fi, so the people that are staying are…

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