New Shop In Sissi

Scenic Sissi, is a gem on Crete’s north coast, just east of Malia. Although we love to visit at any time of year, this village really comes alive when full of summer visitors.

4-DSC04509With a picturesque harbour, waterfront restaurants and a few streets of shops and bars, Sissi is popular with day trippers,  residents of local hotels, and those who arrive by boat each afternoon from Hersonnisos.  This pirate boat, The Black Rose makes its dramatic entry to music from Pirates of the Caribbean.

This year an attractive new shop, Dia Xeiros has opened in the heart of Sissi.

ShopInside you’ll meet the welcoming owner, Kalliopi, and perhaps her daughter, Agapi. This clever pair, along with Kalliopi’s husband, Yannis, hand crafted most of the products on display. A refreshing change from the usual tourist souvenirs and at affordable prices you can treat yourself…I have my eye on a hand painted bottle with small glasses. If you’d like a closer look at the product range click here, or to find Kalliopi on Facebook click here.

Chatting to Kalliopi I mentioned how I once watched The Black Rose in extreme difficulty, fighting to gain access to Sissi harbour.  Despite clear blue skies, a howling summer gale threatened to dash the boat on rocks. Winds in Crete are fickle, and an hour later only a light breeze ruffled the water. As we seemed to be getting on well I told Kalliopi how this scene inspired a key chapter my historical novel, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa.


Kalliopi was intrigued by a story featuring Sissi, and I’m delighted to say you can buy a copy of Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa from her shop.

If Sissi is not on your itinerary, you can also buy a copy from Eklektos Bookshop, Elounda and Nikitakis Gift Shop in the centre of Kritsotopoula Street, Kritsa.

To learn more about the story, click here.




























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