Romantic Chania

In the west of Crete is the large town of Chania with its historic Venetian and Turk areas centered around a bustling port. We booked a three night stay in the Villa Venezia, right on the water’s edge, to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, known in the UK as the Ruby Anniversary.


Finding a taverna beneath our balcony enabling us to ‘drink in the view’ was very welcome.



As dusk settled the harbour took on a lively ‘buzz’.

Next day a stiff breeze confined smaller trip boats to the harbour. Luckily we’d booked on the largest  for our afternoon jaunt.

After teetering on the brink I jumped overboard to join the other swimmers, all intent on glimpsing the macabre dark out line of a German war plane on the seabed.

The wind continued the next morning making it ideal for a walkabout.

We’d visited the interesting navel museum the previous day but popping into one of the traditional shipbuilding arsenals proved a great move. Inside was Minoa, a boat created by archaeologists and boat builders using only methods and materials available to the Minoans. On completion, volunteers rowed it to Athens in time for the 2004 Olympics.

An obligatory ‘selfie’ captured our sparkling start to a special evening before enjoying a romantic ride around town. Later, a pre dinner strawberry daiquiri seemed an obvious choice.

Previously we’d had breakfast on our balcony but on the last day we ate in a nearby cafe. As you’ll understand, I popped to the loo.



OMG I laughed so much…





Still chuckling we made a brief visit to the Fort, closed on weekends for some bizarre reason.









Now we’re back in Kritsa enjoying a slower pace of life. As always your comments are welcome, and if you have a specific question about Chania, or Crete in general I’ll do my best to answer.

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