Stress less in Crete

Phew, it’s hot here in Crete, but I’m not complaining. I’m just pleased to be back after events skewed our spring and early summer in a way we’d not bargained for. I’ll cut a long story short… We sold our UK property to take another downsize to a smaller home. Then we had a nightmare with a buyer who pulled out when we expected to exchange contracts. By this time I’d already arranged the transfer of my phone etc to our new address, doh! Looking back, it was refreshing to have months with limited access to emails and social media, although very awkward at times. I’m sure I missed some brilliant posts from my favourite bloggers, so special apologies to Sarah, Ritu, Judy, Curtis, and Amanda, among many others.

After a week  ‘at home’ in Kritsa I’m relaxed and tinged with a tan despite spending most of my time in the shade of tamarisk trees on my favourite beach, near Istron.


Sad new…the music based, flash fiction challenges set by Matt, AKA The Book Blogger have ended due to his need to focus attention elsewhere. It was often tricky to use his prompt to generate Greek based content, and completing those one hundred words gave me immense satisfaction. As a ‘Thank You’ to Matt, I’ve looked back over my mini stories and chosen three of my favourites. I’ve added a link to my original post in case you want to see the prompt. Otherwise, with no further explanation…:


The British officer looked every inch a Cretan partisan, except for his bruised clean-shaven face and bandaged hand. He stared at the ragged child.

‘Don’t underestimate her, Sir. She carries provisions and information up and down the rugged path between Kritsa and the mountains, she’s probably covered over five hundred miles.’

When the girl wiped her nose along the back of her hand before proffering it for a handshake the officer recoiled in disgust.

Then, with a gap-toothed grin, the girl shocked him in English, ‘And I would walk five hundred more to keep you safe. Come.’



Zeus! Stop polishing your lighting rods and get down to earth.’

‘Hera, sweet wife, don’t yell. Remember, I’m king of the gods. What if a mere mortal hears?’




‘Well it’s a fine time to start worrying what folk think. All your affairs make me a laughing stock. I’ve got news for you, my friend Argos is watching your antics now.’




What, the freaky sneaky giant with a hundred eyes? He always keeps at least one open and never sleeps!’





‘That’s right; storm off to throw angry thunderbolts.’

Beautiful Hera softly sobbed, ‘I’m jealous of the way you’re happy without me.’


One More Day

You plagued my days to haunt my nights.

Among this stinking orgy of death I see the truth. I did not live until today.

I spurned your friendship, resented your bravery. I see now, you loved me.

You stole a place I thought was mine. I see now, there was room for two.

Your action saved my life. I see now, my anger clouded what was before me.

Beneath the grime of battle I gaze on your twisted face of pain. I see now, I love you.

How can I live when we are parted? I’ll try one more day.

Participation in Matt’s flash fiction challenges gave me confidence to enter a short story competition. I’m glad I did as my tale is in a collection of stories due for publication later this year.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll follow Alan for another swim.

It’s good to be back!

8 thoughts on “Stress less in Crete”

  1. Welcome back too, hope you had a super time in Chania. I do wonder, what the ultimate reason behind the duo of loos was, perhaps I`m missing something! Like the flash fiction pieces.

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