Flash Fiction – Say Something

This week the basis of the one hundred word flash fiction challenge by The Book Blogger is  Christina Aguilera’s Say Something.

This is the story that came to my mind:

Say Something

‘Here’s your cocktail, pretty lady. My shift ends soon. Can I show you our hidden beach?’


… ‘Thank you, Yannis. I enjoyed the afternoon.’

‘Come to my bar tonight. We’ll  chat between customers, then go for dinner.’


… ‘Beautiful, Julie. I’m falling in love with you.’

‘Oh Yannis, I love you too…’


‘I’ve  got a bar job. Now I can stay with you all summer.’


‘Then come to England for winter. Mum has a spare room.’


… ‘You’re late. I’ve been waiting ages.’

‘Sorry. I’m going to work in Malia. Enjoy your holiday. Bye.’

‘W-what? Oh Yannis, I would’ve followed you.’

Istron, Crete
Istron, Crete


Other people will write stories that take a different direction. You can take a look by clicking here.

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