Flash Fiction – Muses

For reasons I’ll not bore you with, I’ve had hardly any access to internet for a few weeks. This evening I popped into our local pub to ‘log on’ and when I saw this week’s challenge from The Book Blogger, I couldn’t resist. Mind you, patient Alan had to force himself to sup an extra pint while I typed!

The song Matt has given as the basis of a 100 word story is Muse’s Knights of Cydonia. To be honest I didn’t even have time to Google the lyrics so I used the name of the group as my prompt…

The ex pats’ strained to hear the quiz master above the hubbub in the outdoor beach bar. ‘We have two teams at tiebreak for the 100€ jackpot’. A loud, ‘Oooooooo’ proved many heard.

Kritsa’s team grinned as Ann took up their pen.

‘The God, Zeus fathered how many Muses?’

Hurried whispering proved no one knew. ‘Just put nine’, said Alan.

The other team turned their page first, and with a knowing smirk said, ‘Four’.

Ann turned hers with a rueful, ‘We guessed nine.’

Clutching 100€ note Ann waved triumphantly, just as Zephyrus, God of the west wind had the last laugh.

The 9 Muses are dancing while Apollo is playing the lyre

To learn more about the Muses click on the picture above.

If you want to see what other people make of this prompt you can click here.

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