Flash Fiction – Still in love with you

In anticipation of the recent Euro-vision contents the Book Blogger set last year’s UK entry as the prompt. If your memory needs a prompt it was Electro Velvet – Still in love with you.

Still in love with you

Enid and Betty stood bewildered in glaring sunlight. Youngsters nudged each other when the pair responded to a shout of their names.

A handsome lad helped them up the bus steps. ‘I look forward to seeing you two at the Malia foam party.’

Enid giggled. ‘Only if my friend promises not to tell my husband. I’ve a long list of do’s and don’ts.’

Betty smiled. ‘Just shows Harold loves you.’

As the taxi pulled up outside their retirement home Harold wheeled his chair towards them. Of course, he thought their postcard about accidentally booking a Club 18-30 holiday a joke.

malia old village and malia bar road

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