Flash Fiction – Monster

I’ve missed the weekly flash fiction challenge set by The Book Blogger while he has been concentrating on his studies. He burst back this week with a song by Dragons’ called Monster. Not a group or song I’d heard before.

While contemplating a direction for my one hundred words I heard from friends in Kritsa who’d expected a spectacular end to the Orthodox Easter celebrations on May 1st.

This, combined with the musical prompt, means my piece is not flash fiction, but a news flash.


Crowds thronged village high-spots on Easter Sunday. All anticipated Kritsa’s unique celebration, traditional since dark times of Turk rule.

While church bells pealed the evening service expectant eyes scanned the mountain beyond. Each person eager to spot the plume of dragon’s breath signalling the first blast to scare the devil.

Villagers slowly realised their cliff top held no dynamite drama. Then angry shouts carried news of a serpent coil of police cars barricading the uphill road.

Overnight in police cells our heroes languished, ruing the monster called Health and Safety.

Cloaked in stealth at three a.m. the dragon woke. Bravo!

The clip above from 2008 give a glimpse of what people expected to witness.

Of course such a dramatic tradition features in my novel set in Kritsa during Turk rule, to read my imagining of how the tradition started Click Here.

Finally, if you’d like to see what other people made of the Monster prompt Click Here.



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