New clues on the demise of the Minoan Civilisation

This insight is fascinating. Years ago I had the germ of an idea for a novel set in Crete and Egypt, then other ideas took over. Perhaps I should find my old notebooks. x

Aristotle, Greek tourist guide

Colleagues in Crete inform me of a recent breakthrough which may change our view of Minoan Civilisation. The partial decipherment of the Disc of Phaistos by Dr. Gareth Owens has allowed an international team or researchers to use a combination of a powerful code-breaking algorithm and modern linguistic analysis to analyze the symbols of Linear A tablets and compare them with symbols on the Phaistos Disc and Linear B tablets. This powerful approach has not yet led to the complete decipherment of the still mysterious script, but has nevertheless allowed specialists to draw meaningful conclusions about Minoan society from 2000 to 1450 BCE.

From what has become known, the analysis of the previously impenetrable symbols has already yielded a lot of the tablets’ secrets. Among other things, it has confirmed what archaeologists suspected all along – that the tablets were used to record the inventories and other financial…

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2 thoughts on “New clues on the demise of the Minoan Civilisation”

  1. Dear Yvonne,
    Thanks for reading, enjoying and reblogging.
    However, I think you may have not noticed that my post was published on April 1st – I’m sorry, but it was an April fool’s day “Archaeohoax.”
    However, all the archaeological information in it is valid and real, with the exception of the partial decipherment of Linear A and the decline in the number of votive offerings. Although there has been a theory that after the Santorini eruption religious unrest broke out on the island of Crete, the theories about lending, overtaxation and political unrest are pure fiction, based of course on the current Greek situation.
    I hope you enjoyed my article and sorry for the deception 😉

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