Dr Dud by Mrs Dud

In this digital age we make friends quickly. There! One click and it’s done. Then, like any group, some people hover on the sidelines while others get more involved and you start to feel, yes, I think we are ‘friends’. Sometimes circumstances allow me to meet fellow bloggers, and the great thing is we already know we have things in common.

Last year, my husband and I met Dud and Sarah for a lovely relaxed lunch in a mutually favourite spot in Crete. Driving away, I cheerfully predicted we’d just enjoyed the first of many lunches.
Tragically, fate cast a different scenario when Dud suddenly died. Sarah has decided to maintain Dud’s blog and I for one think this is a fabulous idea. By re blogging this amazing blog tribute by Sarah, I invite people who love Crete and/or enjoy a quirky look at life to give her a ‘LIKE’.

Meanwhile, Alan and I send our love to Sarah. X

dr dud's dicta

Hello to everyone, whether you have loved Dr Dud’s Dicta since it started or have only just stumbled across it.  My name is Sarah and I was fortunate to have Dudley in my life for the past 19 years until suddenly and tragically on 28th January 2016 he passed from us whilst undergoing emergency heart surgery.

P1010059 Dud in Mochlos, Crete on the day of the Epiphany, 6th January 2016 (I know you have seen it before – but I love this picture, even more so now )

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a bit of a haze, but today I opened up Dud’s computer and realised that he had a number of blogs ‘ready to go’ in draft format.  As with so much of our life together, we talked endlessly about the blogs and the topics he would choose to write about – I even proof read…

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