Walk below Kroustas

According to legend, Crete has circa fourteen days of ‘mini summer’ in January, to allow the halcyon (the bird we know as a kingfisher) to safely lay her eggs. Hence the term halcyon days.

All I can say is, time is running out! We’ve been in Crete two weeks now, and although the first three days were lovely, we’ve had lots of rain, sleet and very cold winds.

DSC06861A couple of days ago the morning brightened up, allowing us to take a  walk close to home, just below the neighbouring village of Kroustas.


From Kritsa it takes less than 10 minutes to drive up the hill to Kroustas. We hoped we’d complete the walk between showers and guessed the walk would take less than two hours, including a picnic lunch.

Well, we didn’t need our waterproofs and there was enough sunshine for a halcyon to lay some eggs!



It turned cold by mid afternoon though. Time for tea and cake in front of the wood burner.











9 thoughts on “Walk below Kroustas”

  1. Interesting bit of trivia about the halcyon days. In California we generally have a spot of nice weather in either January for Feb – not this year though! Enjoyed the virtual walk! Jan

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