Flash Fiction – Death of a Bachelor

The prompt set for this week’s flash fiction foray is Death of a Bachelor, by a group called Panic at the disco! Hat’s off to  Matt at The Book Blogger for introducing me to a fabulous song that I’d otherwise not have found.

Listening to the lyrics I thought of several avenues I could follow, then I realised that although I knew the term bachelor I  didn’t really know what it meant.

Laurel_berries Oh Joy, there is a link to Greece!

You probably know that a person who completes a course at university gains a bachelors degree. Thanks to Wikipedia I know the bachelor  element derives from baccalaureate  that in turn comes from the 17th Century Latin word, baccalaureus meaning student with a first degree. However, baccalaureus  is a play on bacca lauri, meaning laurel berries… stay with me… and laurel berries were presented as prizes in the Pythian Games, an athletics event in… you guessed it… Ancient Greece, hooray!

(These two images licensed  via Wikicommons Creative viaCommons)

knights_bachelor_insigniaThen, while still immersed in Wikipedia, I found that one of the oldest UK honors still bestowed in the UK today is Knight Bachelor, the first tier of knighthood.

Imagine the scene at Buckingham Palace in a few years time…’Arise Sir Matt, for services to blogging’!


Now, armed with my new found knowledge, here is my one hundred word flash fiction:


Death of a Bachelor

Old Kaliope delved into the box of newspapers, keen to light a fire. A yellowed headline caught her eye. She straightened too fast, gasping in pain.

Of all the British officers masterminding resistance against the Nazis, he was her favourite. Despite being barefoot, she’d scurried over mountain tracks with food and messages. She’d even delivered an injured pilot, then blushed with pride when he called to his men, ‘See here, a true Cretan heroine joins our operations.’

‘Patrick “Paddy” Leigh Fermor, DSO, OBE, Knight Bachelor, died 10 June 2011, aged 96.’

Ah, death was bound to call her soon.

Is there a better colour?

To find out more about Paddy Leigh Fermor, click here to visit an excellent site.

To read what other people make of this week’s musical prompt you  can follow this link: https://thebookblogger2014.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/death-of-a-bachelor-fff29/








16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Death of a Bachelor”

    1. Thanks Matt. I hope you don’t mind me always twisting the fff towards Greece, I love the way it challenges me to dig deep. Paddy Leigh Fermor is an important man in Cretan history so it was great to find a way to feature him. X

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