Get fit in Crete

Well here we are, at home in Crete. For all sorts of reasons we prefer the overnight flight from Heathrow to Crete via Athens. Although we have to accept a night without sleep we like the way it allows us to use public transport to get to the airport and then arrive in Kritsa before 9.00 a.m.

viewIt was so lovely the next morning we ate breakfast on the balcony. It wasn’t long before meowing ally cats called for their breakfast. They’ve an uncanny knack of knowing when we’re back?

That evening we went the nearby town of Agios Nikolaos for a quiz, and our our team won bottles of wine. (That’s a first!) We’ll save our share for a while as  I’m having an alcohol free January. It’s part of my get fit in Crete campaign, along with plans for lots of walking and healthy food.

Why not join me on this virtual walk to see there is more to Crete than beaches. Here we go…

Did it do you any good? If so I’ll be pleased to show you another route. It might be a while though, the weather forecast here is for gales and rain.













17 thoughts on “Get fit in Crete”

  1. Hi Yvonne, even though the fight from England to Greece is only about three hours, it takes a whole day, and in your case, more!
    I should really follow your hiking example, I used to take a similar route, here in the Gerania Mountains above Loutraki, when we had our boxer dog, Amos, the terrain looks very similar!
    Ella, pame! You’ve given me inspiration!

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    1. Ah, glad you popped in. What is the difference between a satsuma, tangerine and mandarin? I’ve been given a carrier bag full of delicious small oranges, species unknown. Also, ideas on what to do with so many will be greatly appreciated. X

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      1. Satsumas are from Japan, they are in fact a clementine-sweet.
        Tangerine is from China- a bit sweeter than Mandarin Oranges
        Mandarin oranges from China is a tangerine (sweet and a bit sour)
        If you were using canned mandarin oranges (small citrus) in a corn syrup for example They are usually chilled and served as is.
        I would recommend using any or all in a fruit dessert using Plain Greek Yogurt, nuts and chilling in the refrigerator over-night for the best results. You have a bounty of Citrus. Enjoy Yvonne. Cheryl x

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        1. So fantastic to know people who are knowledgeable! Thanks for sharing. I had some with yoghurt for breakfast and have taken several out for a snack everyday so my vit c level is high and healthy. Hardly made an impression in my bounty yet. X

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