Flash Fiction – I can’t help falling in love

I confess I was caught out with the flash fiction this week. I’d wrongly guessed we’d have a David Bowie song as the prompt to create a one hundred word piece. Instead, Matt The Book Blogger chose a song originally recorded by another legend, Elvis Presley. Here’s my autobiographical tale:

I can’t help falling in love

‘Right’, said Alan. ‘We both know only fools rush in, so I’ve a plan for our fact finding trip to Crete. If you get too excited about a property I’ll pour cold water on the idea.’

Yvonne bristled, ‘Well, it might be you that gets carried away. Then I’ll have to say no.’

The first was grim.


The second a money pit.


The third, ‘Wow, look at the view.’

IMG_20150422_121710Back in the UK mum asked if we’d had a good holiday. We looked at each other and grinned,  ‘Yes, we bought a village house. Some things are meant to be!’






If anyone considers buying a property in Crete I can personally recommend this professional company that delivers excellent service. http://www.crete-homes.com


To read what other participants create from this prompt you can follow the link below:



17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – I can’t help falling in love”

  1. Of course, in order to love such a thing you need the money, which most of us ordinary people don’t have! It’s the haves and have-nots; the rich get more and more greedy and the poor get poorer. I challenge you to sell and give!!!!!

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  2. I do so love these little “Flash fiction” stories of yours Yvonne, this one particularly, not so much “fiction” as a “Flash” of you!
    We’re so lucky to be living in this beautiful country, taking pleasure in the simple things in life, things that money just can’t buy!

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  3. Thanks, Susan. You are so right, priceless moments like today when a neighbour popped round to wish us Happy New Year with a carrier bag of freshly picked tangerines and oranges. Mmmm mm!


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