Happy to reblog such lovely photos as blogging friend Rommel says goodbye to Crete and sets off on a new adventure. X

The Sophomore Slump

My time here in Crete, Greece summarizes a lot about growth and openness.

TOP 5: Secret Beach in Souda Bay


I found myself tapping back to being very open to people, and really build different kinds of relationships. With my line of work, where I go from one place to another, cultivating relationships is definitely a hard thing to do. Even though I know the relationships I built here won’t last, I still maintained that openness and rapport to people I’ve encountered here.

1907479_10153459235013578_7708060315809539921_nTOP 4: Omalos

Personally and, more so, professionally, I did a lot of growing here in Greece. 🙂 I became more of a persistent self-starter and a determined goal-oriented person.  Even though I wasn’t successful to some of my goals, I still felt good with my progress. I took care of myself, and I  really became much more focused and responsible than ever before.

TOP 3: Carnivale in…

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