Flash Fiction – Young and Beautiful

Matt, The Book Blogger has chosen Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful, as the basis of this week’s 100 word flash fiction challenge. Matt says the song holds extra interest for him as it’s taken from the film version The Great Gatsby, a book he studied for one of his exams.  Here’s the music clip:

Back in October, when we had to base our fiction on The Writings on the wall  it provided me the opportunity to introduce young lovers, a Cretan girl, Maria and her boyfriend Matt. Let’s see how they’re getting on now they’re living near Agios Nikolaos…

Young and Beautiful

‘Why take a huge bag to watch The Great Gatsby?’

Maria shrugged. ‘This film’s important for your English course?’

‘That’s right. There are Greek subtitles so you’ll enjoy it too.’

With plastic chairs instead of tipping seats, a brisk breeze whipping around the auditorium, clouds scudding overhead, constant conversation, ringing phones, people shifting position, and even pizza deliveries, this open-air cinema was certainly a novel experience.

Maria produced cheese pies from her bag, seeming bemused when Matt asked, ‘What’s wrong with popcorn?’

At the first raindrops, Maria delved through her bag.

Snug under her umbrella they saw The End!



If you’d like to see what other people write based on this week’s prompt you can click on this link:




14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Young and Beautiful”

    1. Think filo pastry filled with crumbly white cheese then fried, Mmmm Mmmm. Large size for lunch or bite size with a drink or part of a selection of dishes called mezes, like Spanish tapas. Some places serves them as a dessert with honey! Too messy for the cinema though. X

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    1. Glad it strikes you as authentic, Susan. My 100 word limit didn’t allow me to explain what gyros are, as that’s what I’ve actually seen delivered, so I had to adapt to pizza. I was in Verona ampitheater, up in the ‘God’s’ watching an opera when I saw pizza being delivered! X


  1. Wow, I am certainly impressed that you managed to include not only ‘The Great Gatsby’ but also some Greek culture! We don’t really have open air cinemas in the UK, but I really enjoyed your description and it seemed very realistic-it’s shaped my expectations for if I do eventually go to one…
    Best wishes, Matt

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