Cookbook Giveaway!!



As a follow up to my interview with the lovely Krystina Kalapothakos I’m happy to reblog her latest post, and I hope one of you win! X

Kouzounas Kitchen

Oh I am soo very happy to share this news! As most of you have seen on Kouzounas Kitchen…. I came out with my first COOKBOOK!!! Yes, this is true and I managed to get it done in about two half months time. 🙂 I wanted to wait until my book was published on Amazon to chat about my first book, but I said what the heck why not write about it now. I couldn’t wait any longer, really.

Back To My Roots Cookbook. 

How did I start?

Most of you know that Kouzounas Kitchen derived from my yiayia Stavroula Kouzounas Kalapothakos. She has always been my inspiration to cook, and share recipes with the world. I wanted to share my yiayia’s recipes in a book, and after a few months of research and finding the right recipes, I decided to plunge into the author world. I did just that…

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