Flash Fiction – Pure Imagination

Well done Matt at The Book Blogger for finding interesting music to inspire our weekly one hundred word fiction challenge. This week’s piece is Pure Imagination by Fiona Apple. I’d not heard it before so I downloaded the lyrics and then enjoyed this clip.


Pure Imagination

Fans crushed against the barriers, holding aloft phones and cameras to snatch photos to fill Facebook.

Lyre and bouzouki players stoked up the pace for leaping dancers at the far end of the red carpet. Lead actress, Ekaterina Botziou posed with many people, happy to star in their treasured selfies.

A mercedes with darkened windows pulled up and the music ceased. The burly security guard opened the door to allow the famous Cretan film director, Thodoris Papadoulakis to step out to rapturous applause.  He waved and pointed to the cinema’s illuminated poster for, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa.

It’s beyond imagination!


To see what other  contributors make of this week’s challenge you can follow this link.


As well as being an actor, Ekaterina Botziou also runs a fabulous website, just click the link to find out more The Greek Wives Club.










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