Flash Fiction – Hello

This week our musical prompt from The Book Blogger for the one hundred word, flash fiction challenge is the new Adele song, Hello.

After the heavy subject last week I thought I’d try a more lighthearted response this time.

Are you sitting comfortably? Well then I’ll begin.



‘Hello from the outside,’ said the cheeky mummy cat, giving the window a tap.

There was no reply.



The cat looked in the window and said, Please help, my kitten is hungry.

Then an odd voice called, ‘Hello from the inside.’


The door slowly opened. The kitten ran forward, and then stopped in surprise.


‘Well hello! I’m pleased to have company. Look, here’s cat treats to eat.’

The next day the mummy cat was cross.

‘Silly kitten! You’ve told your friends about this place.’


Luckily, the odd creature said, ‘Ah, how lovely, you’ve brought your friends. There’s plenty to share.’


On a more serious note, Crete does have a problem with feral cats. There are many animal charities, mostly sponsored by ex pats of various nationalities, to provide care, re-homing and neutering services.

If you’d like to see what other bloggers make of this week’s prompt then you can click here.








15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Hello”

  1. Sounds like you know, Jan! I only give tidbits so they don’t get dependent when I disappear back to the UK. There are several people who spend chunks of time in the village and I think the clever cats move around to greet them. X

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  2. I get that. My son brought home a chocolate Siamese he’d found wandering when he was ten. Unbeknownst to us, she was “with children”. MANY children. Two litters in a row and she got pregnant again before we could get her taken care of. But those babies didn’t deliver and she died during surgery trying to remove them. They were all dead.

    We were left with 15 kittens from Micky. All of which we had spayed and neutered in the hopes of giving them away. We gave away ONE. Some wondered off into the fields around us and we never saw them again. One was hit by a car. But we raised the last eight over a 20-year period. The last one, Daisy, was 19 when we had her put to sleep.

    Swore we’d have NO MORE. Then this little black bit of a kitten wandered up from nowhere. Got her fixed as soon as possible. Twitch is 8-years-old now. BUT NO MORE!!!

    That was a cute take on the song, Yvonne!

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