Flash Fiction – Moonlight Sonata

Last week’s dreadful events in Paris led The Book Blogger, Matt to choose the beautiful piano instrumental, Moonlight Sonata as the theme for this week’s flash fiction.

A fellow contributor, Ritu at But I Smile Anyway posted her piece very quickly, it is beautiful, fitting and heartfelt.

As I skew my flash fiction to be Greek based I had decided not to participate this week; I didn’t want to trivialise the thoughtfulness of Matt and Ritu. Then I remembered this photo from the International  Business Times:

The story with this photo was that the Greek Coast Guard had stopped a vessel sailing off the coast of Crete with a load of arms among refugees. To read more click on the photo.

On reflection, I have read so many dreadful reports of the lengths people go to in their efforts to escape from Syria, and heart warming stories of Greeks rescuing people from drowning that I think I can participate effectively.

Moonlight Sonata

Cheerful British customers filled the taverna, all looking forward to a quiz. Maria, the taverna owner’s daughter, sat near the muted TV using her iPad. Then someone noticed the English headline on the TV, ‘Look at that! The Greek coast guard found arms among a boatload of refugees.’

Conflicting opinions caused a din..

‘Let them drown!’

‘That’s immoral, those poor people.’

‘Oh God, that will drain empathy. We’ve been working hard at the rescue centre.’

Maria made her way around the throng showing people this:

They dug deep. Donate like Maria, click here.







14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Moonlight Sonata”

    1. Thank you Ritu. Such a lovely comment from you that I nearly didn’t see…Wordpress had consigned you to spam! Good job you posted a warning about this as it has stopped me from emptying spam without checking. Dear WordPress, Ritu is NOT spam! x

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  1. Hello Yvonne,
    Absolutely awful what happened in Paris last week, Goodness knows what’s next, very scary. It makes the Greek financial crisis fade into the background, Compared to France, we haven’t had it bad at all.A lovely piece of music, most soothing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Susan. I think Greek people, including ex pats from many countries, have been brilliant in rescuing people from drowning and providing food and shelter, despite the financial crisis. X


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