Flash Fiction -You Ruin Me

It’s time for this week’s flash fiction foray, and Matt at The Book Blogger has set our one hundred word fiction challenge based on a song called You Ruin Me, by the Veronicas.  This is a new piece to me so I’m thankful for the following clip to hear the lyrics.

I always set myself the additional task of making sure that my hundred words also have some sort of link to Greece. This is where my thoughts took me this week:

You Ruin Me

Powerful, elegant thrusts propelled the huge turtle through Homer’s wine dark sea. On breaking the surface she gulped a breath, then blinked up at the twinkling sky. Perhaps those stars aided the unerring sense of direction that took her to the exact Cretan beach where she started life.

Clumsy now, she hauled her bulk through foaming surf to gouge through the sand until clear of the water line.

She dug deep among plastic ruin.

Eggs buried she edged towards the sea, trailing a length of nylon line wrapped around neck and leg.

‘Man, you’re killing me’.

When we used to drive to Crete it involved two overnight ferry journeys. I remember being disgusted at the notice telling crew how many miles from land it is before they  CAN tip rubbish overboard. The part of Crete that I love has many beaches all around Mirabello Bay. They all get plastic rubbish washed up but some are now permanently blighted by it and councils spend huge sums of money on ineffectual clean ups. There is only one way to stop it, a concerted effort to ban all sea bourne rubbish tipping.

For information about turtle conservation issues click here.

There is also a very interesting piece on one of my favourite websites, Explore Crete.


12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction -You Ruin Me”

  1. Thank you. When turtles nest local people often set up surveillance to give the eggs the best chance to hatch out. Locally to me I’ve seen one huge dead turtle washed up on a beach amongst flotsam. X


  2. You know, I’ve always been so fascinated with Crete’s history. Always wanted to go there when I was in high school. But my cousin was there in the Navy and he told me to go somewhere else because it was really dirty there. That would have been 1968. I guess not much has changed? That’s such a sad plight about the turtles. Loved your take on it.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback. In Crete’s defence the plastic rubbish on some beaches is probably not their fault. However, people do seem to have woken up to the fact that dumping rubbish in the countryside is not a good idea, overall it is much cleaner that 10 years ago. I think finding value in scrap metal helped! Plan a visit, I’ll show you around and bet you’ll love it. X

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