November Salad Days – Horiátiki Saláta Greek Salad

On a wet and windy day in the UK I’m really missing Crete, so this lovely post reminds me why I love my simple life in Kritsa. Thank you for this virtual taste of Greece. X



In much the same way as last year, November has found us in Athens again. After a few days of dappled, grey skies, the weather has reverted to type – the sky the deep azure of the Aegean, with a warmth reminiscent of late spring rather than early winter. Feeling blessed by this winter sun,  we go exploring.

On the way to a regular haunt at Kavouri, we take a turning off the busy highway that hugs the Athens coast. Away from the traffic, we are in quiet residential suburbs – the houses and apartments oozing affluence. However on one street the asphalt gives way to a dirt track, and we hit a dead end. But this is a dead end with a hidden gem.


Emerging out of nowhere is a scene from any Greek island in summertime. There is a little rocky bay, with a shingle beach and the…

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