Flash Fiction – One more day

This is a BIG week. Matt, The Book Blogger has just celebrated the first birthday of his blog and to suit the occasion he’s chosen a BIG musical number as the basis of our 100 word flash fiction, it’s One More Day from Les Miserables.

Each summer I choose to read a classic and by coincidence this year I read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It is a powerful story but sooooo long. I reckon it would become a best seller again if it underwent a modern edit. It made me realise what a triumph the musical version is.

Here is a fantastic rendition of the piece, that comes as the finale to act one.

Phew!  I told you it was BIG!

Les Miserable is set in France between 1815 to the June Rebellion of 1832, and my story, Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa is set in Crete, Greece 1813 to 1823, so I let my imagination run wild. What if a musical was made of it? One Amazon reviewer said,‘ It would make a really good film! All the components are there: a feisty heroine, passion, love, suspense, glorious landscapes, history, violent battles, struggles for survival and pathos.’

Now imagine Kostas holding Rodanthe in his arms and singing…

One More Day

You plagued my days to haunt my nights.

Among this stinking orgy of death I see the truth. I did not live until today.

I spurned your friendship, resented your bravery. I see now, you loved me.

You stole a place I thought was mine. I see now, there was room for two.

Your action saved my life. I see now, my anger clouded what was before me.

Beneath the grime of battle I gaze on your twisted face of pain. I see now, I love you.

How can I live when we are parted? I’ll try one more day.


This wonderful monument to Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa was sculpted by Nigel Ratcliffe and it’s sited just 3k from Kritsa right in the middle of the battleground where Christians fought against Ottoman oppression. Rodanthe, now known as Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa is honoured here during an annual memorial service each May. To learn more about this story click here.

Other people who take part in the flash fiction foray will post their contributions here


11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – One more day”

    1. Thank you! I don’t know where it came from. It’s you that I look to for the lyrical responses to our flash fiction challenges. I guess the fact that the song is so BIG gave me the freedom to have a go. That and the fact that the lyrics in the Les Miserables song don’t rhyme. X

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