Flash Fiction -The Writing’s On The Wall

Hooray! Matt, The Book Blogger now has breathing space to restart his weekly Flash Fiction Foray. The way this works is that Matt chooses a song each Tuesday and then anyone who wants to participate writes a piece of fiction, with no more than one hundred words, before the following Monday.  Oh, and I make it a bit more difficult for myself by making sure my effort is always set in Greece.

Matt’s music choice this week is the theme to the new Bond movie, Spectre; The Writing’s On The Wall, by Sam Smith, and you can hear it via this clip:

To celebrate Matt’s welcome return I’ve cast him in the starring role:

The Writings On The Wall

Too soon she saw the approaching bus. ‘Perhaps you work another summer in Crete? I need better English.’

He held her close, not risking a word. As the bus drew up he snatched a pen from his pocket to scratch Matt loves Maria, among the rest of the bus stop graffiti.  Then he lugged his case to the stowage area of the vehicle without even a backward glance.

When the bus departed her forlorn wave wasn’t reciprocated. Devastated she wiped her eyes.


‘What! Why you didn’t go?’

‘I have to risk it all, ’cause the writing’s on the wall.’

That’s it, over in a flash. If you’d like to see what other bloggers make of their 100 words visit


Why not give it a go yourself, it’s fun!

KTEL public bus service Crete GreeceNow I should add that buses on Crete are modern, efficient and good value. To find out more you can click on the bus.

17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction -The Writing’s On The Wall”

    1. Thank you, Ritu. I looked at other flash fiction prompts to fill the gap, but nothing ‘happened’, Matt’s is the one that suits me. I’ve just read your piece and even though your blog is deliciously busy I can tell you love the FFF too. X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, I met Matt through Blogging 101, and have been doing his FFF since it’s start! I feel I was there at the birth, and I have to continue!!!! But I honestly really enjoy the challenge!


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