Flash Fiction – Skinny Love

The song that Matt over at The Book Blogger has set as the basis of our 100 word Flash Fiction this week is Skinny Love. Now I’d not heard this before so a look at the lyrics, and a  listen to this clip was essential.


I’ve been in Crete a month now and will cheerfully admit to spending a good many hours on this beach, so perhaps it’s not surprising that my flash fiction takes a trip to the seaside.

Near Istron, Crete

Near Istron, Crete


Skinny Love

Stretched out under a tamarisk tree he enjoyed the dappled sun playing across his lily-white chest. While he reached for sun cream he looked around, not realising how his gaze lingered on bronzed lithe bodies, each screaming in fun as foaming waves drenched them. Still distracted he passed the tube to the woman next to him. She pushed it away, and huddled into her wrap.

Then he saw her misery. ‘Hey, come on love. They’ll not be skinny forever. You’ve done well to lose two stone, and I love your cuddly bits.  Come on, race you to the sea.’



To take a look at what other people make of this challenge, you can click the link below:


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