Market Musing as a Guest Blogger

I love cooking, especially in Crete, where it wouldn’t be Wednesday without our weekly visit to market. To feed my love of cooking I follow a few blogs that feature Greek recipes, including the excellent, ‘Eat Yourself Greek‘ where I have enjoyed being a guest blogger today.

If you click on this beautiful bouquet of vegetables it will take you to Eat Yourself Greek to find out more about them.

Produce from Agios Nikolaos Wednesday market

Market location:

The market in Agios Nikolaos is in the large car park near to the hospital and then runs down the street that emerges by the lake. Excellent quality fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, honey, herbs, wine, raki, and fresh flowers are in the top part of the market. Household good are in the centre as you start to walk downhill with shoes, clothing and miscellaneous ‘stuff’ lower down. The food end is certainly open from 8.00 whereas some of the non food items are not set out until later. Whether for serious shoping or a browse I can certainly recommend the market as one of the key attractions of the town. See you there!

7 thoughts on “Market Musing as a Guest Blogger”

  1. Loved the guest blog piece ! And wonderful photos of beautiful Greek veg! Your ‘spaghetti beans’ are fresh black eyed beans or ‘ambelofássoula’ in Greek (or ‘louví’ in Cyprus). They’re mainly cooked boiled and eaten as a salad with olive oil and lemon juice. There’s a mention of them from last summer on my blog . Hope that helps !:)

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  2. We all love the markets. As we are closer to Heraklion we are very lucky – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the big one on Saturdays.The produce is always fresh, a great selection, and a great way to try and improve your Greek when you see something that is new!!!

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  3. Thanks Pat, could you give an indication of the location of the Heraklion markets please? I’ve only found the static one and its being taken over by tourist tat rather than good food.
    It was by shopping in the market that I got to grips with numbers! X


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