Flash Fiction – Happy

Our friend, Matt aka The Book Blogger had excellent news this week about his exam results, so this could be why he’s chosen the Pharrell Williams song, Happy as the basis of this week’s flash fiction. Have a listen to this catchy song:

Write 100 words inspired by Happy? Pah, easy peasy; I’m ‘at home’ in Crete and as some of the lyrics suit me so well I’ve gone autobiographical this week.


It might seem crazy what I’m about to say, but I’m happiest in my kitchen without a roof.

Outdoor, balcony kitchen
Outdoor, balcony kitchen

Our UK home is a small, minimalist beige box. However, for several months each year, we live in a quirky house in the jumbled, car free, back streets of Kritsa, Crete. We do without things that some people deem essential, and miss key family events. However, my balcony kitchen, walking in mountains, lazing on beaches, and the privilege of participating in a vibrant community makes us feel rich.


Give it up to live sensibly? No offense to you, don’t waste your time!




To see what other flash fiction participants make from this song, just click on the link below.



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