Flash Fiction – Send In The Clowns

‘Send in the clowns’ is the song that Matt over at The Book Blogger has set as the basis of this week’s one hundred word flash fiction foray.

I’m  sure you know the song but here’s a clip.

Now let me introduce you to Aristophanes, photo courtesy of wikapedia commons.

If you look back far enough, sooner or later the root of everything leads to Greece, and clowns are no exception.  An ancient Greek playwrite called Aristophanes used clowns in his comedies to satarize political figures of his time. Between Matt and Aristophanes I think I’ve got a ‘gift’ subject this week…

Send in the clowns
Suffering a nightmare, Greek Prime Minister, Tsipras stared at the statue of Aristophanes that bizarrely spoke to him. ‘Let me get this right. You won an election to lead against the austerity other countries demanded?’

Tsipras puffed up his chest, ‘Yes, an overwhelming mandate. Sadly, none of the other leaders agreed. I thought they’d want what I want. I held a referendum, the people rejected the deal offered.’

Aristophanes said, ‘You accepted a worse deal. Now you’ve resigned to seek re-election, it will cost millions, and it’s split your party. Send in the clowns!

Angela Merkle appeared, ‘Don’t bother, they’re here!’


7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Send In The Clowns”

  1. Thank you😃As ever it is the ordinary folk who are suffering the most. I think where I am in Crete there is a cushion due to tourism and agricultural, but it is a very different situation in some of the mainland cities. X


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