Flash Fiction – Come on England!

I nearly admitted defeat when I saw that Matt, The Book Blogger had set a cricket based song  as the basis of this week’s 100 word flash fiction foray, apparently England won something called The Ashes…
I’ve never watched cricket, nor heard of this song, so I watched this clip provided by Matt.

That’s when I had the glimmer of an idea. I’ve seen crowds of football fans in the busy resort of Malia, and if they pack out the bars to watch footie games with English commentary then surely the same goes for cricket fans…

Come on England!

Outlandishly dressed cricket fans crushed inside Malia’s English pub, to watch The Ashes on the big screen. The Swindon fire station crew swilled beer, thoroughly enjoying the match. Well, apart from Maria who usually relished being ‘one of the boys’, but she’d thought a week in Crete meant a suntan.

She should have realised she couldn’t sneak away unnoticed, they’d been trained to look out for each other.

Sudden cheering made her look back. That’s when she saw the toddler on the high window ledge.

He fell.

Maria lunged.

Her cheering colleagues yelled, ‘Owzatt!’


11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Come on England!”

  1. Hopefully that worked, as far as I know the English cricket fans love a good fancy dress costume almost as much as they enjoy winning the Ashes!

    I love the wordplay there with ‘he fell’ (both the batsman and the baby), along with the macabre twist.
    Thanks for taking part!
    Best, Matt

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