Flash Fiction – Waterloo Sunset

I think Matt at The Book Blogger is my best friend this week as he’s set the song Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks as the basis of our hundred word Flash Fiction Foray.

I wrote my piece at 4.30 a.m. while people watching as I sat in Athens airport waiting for my 7.15 a.m. transfer to Crete.
Waterloo Sunset

The g-force from the thrusting jet sent them backwards in their seats. As the plane lifted he felt her hand grip his.

‘Open your eyes. There’s no point having a window seat if you’re not going to look. Wow, I can see the dirty old River Thames as clear as on Google map. There’s the London Eye, and that’s Waterloo Station reflecting the sunset. It’s OK honest, and surely worth it; we’ll be in Crete tomorrow. Here, use this tissue, your brow is really sweaty.’

‘Sorry to make a fuss.’

‘Don’t feel afraid, everything’s fine, Dad.’

To see what other bloggers make of this challenge you can follow the link below.


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