Flash Fiction – Appassionata

We had a curved ball from our taskmaster, Matt this week when he set an instrumental piece as the basis of our one hundred word Flash Fiction Foray via The Book Blogger. This is the haunting, melodic piece, Appassionata, by Secret Garden:

It is so soothing that it made me think of the moment when the stifling heat of August in Crete is eased by the approaching meltimi wind. However, that wind often becomes so strong that it gets unpleasant and makes dangerous conditions at sea and on land.  With this in mind, here is my flash fiction:


Heat enveloped the girl sleeping in the olive grove.

When a welcome breeze turned the olive leaves silverside, she opened her eyes to notice fluffy clouds scud across the previously clear blue sky. Waves were already crashing on Crete’s north coast, and within thirty minutes branches rattled as the meltimi whirled in with a roar.

She had no idea a tourist stopped his car to admire the view and enjoy his cigarette. His discarded ember burnt benignly until rising wind blew it on tinder dry grass.

Heat enveloped the terrified girl fleeing from the olive grove.

Follow this link to find more flash fiction based on this music:


The clip below shows the impact of summer wildfire in Greece:

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