Santorini By Foot

This is a lovely piece on Santorini. I visited years ago for just two nights on a trip fro Heraklion, Crete. I need to go back some day as there are many things we didnt get to see/do. Meanwhile, I enjoyed this virtual visit. X

Salt Trails

While the island of Santorini isn’t huge, it does require getting around by bus, car, atv, or motorbike. I always prefer to use my feet, so when I learned about a walking path from the main city of Fira to the town of Oia, I couldn’t wait. The short three or so hour walk starts in the busy, tourist filled streets of Fira. The goal is to reach Oia in time for its famed sunset.

In Fira, the narrow cobble walkways are packed with people shopping and eating at restaurants that hang off the cliff with beautiful views. Once through maze, past the crowds and many souvenir shops, the path continues along the edge of the island high above the sea.

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Looking back on Fira, you see the sprawling white spilling down against bright blue water and rocky cliffs. The view is spectacular. The path continues past a few smaller…

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