Flash Fiction – School’s Out

Fiendishly clever Matt over at The Book Blogger has started to make his song choices for the Flash Fiction Foray tie in with topical events. With UK schools getting ready for the summer holiday his challenge is to create a 100 word piece of fiction based on School’s Out, by Alice Cooper. Here is a clip to get you in the mood:

I went back in time to war-torn Crete for my tale last week, but for this piece I’m bang up to date:

Schools Out

Wikimedia satchel

‘Dad, why are you emptying my satchel?’

‘School’s out for summer, no more pencils, no more books. I’m borrowing it as hand luggage on the plane tomorrow.’

‘You’ll look like a sissy. I hope my mates don’t see me with you. Where are you taking it? Dad, why have you taken it into your study.’

‘I’ll give it back tomorrow.’

‘I won’t need a satchel in Greece!’


‘Mum, do you think Dad looks silly walking through the airport with my satchel?’

‘Shush, he needed a bag to carry close. It’s full of Euros, enough to last us two weeks.’

Istron, Crete
Istron, Crete

Support Greece, book a last-minute holiday to grab a fabulous deal. Crete is open, and a warm welcome awaits you with plenty of food  under a cobalt blue sky.

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10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – School’s Out”

  1. It’s fitting that the topically set posts receive topically related posts (and I love the way you put that line from the lyrics in)! I particularly enjoyed the witty and snappy dialogue.
    Best, Matt
    P.S. I am going away on Sunday, so there will be no round up on Monday (in case of late entries). I will schedule new events for the two Tuesdays I am away and do a big round up when I return (around the 30th), but apologies for the lack of round ups.

    Liked by 1 person

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